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slimboy97 test results

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slimboy97 test results

Post  Number 0: Magic on Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:35 pm

legend of test:
10/20 playing style-how he played his/her cards
20/40 results of duel,( 0 wins=0pts, 1 win=10 pts, 2 wins =20 pts , attitude = 20 pts )
3/20 control of duel
5/20 deck build how well their deck was built.

Slim played Bujins, which in and of itself is an odd deck to build well. His deck was slow, and the first duel both of us ended up top decking for more than half the duel. He had a great attitude through the whole duel, kept a cool head and didnt get angry even though he had no wins. He rarely had control of the duel. The deck could have benefited from a better build, lacked staples such as honest, duality and other searchers great for a light deck.

Overall Score: 38/100

Welcome to the Academy Slimboy97 You are now a Blazing Soul Red!

Number 0: Magic

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