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Lord Shadow's test results!

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Lord Shadow's test results!

Post  Mikan~ on Wed Mar 18, 2015 11:04 am

Mikan~ vs Lord Shadow
+1 FF vs Yang Zing

Legend of test:
8/10 Knowledge of Cards. He seemed to have a good idea of what I played/what happened, however I did have to remind him twice to gain 1000 lp for Snatch Steal.

8/10 Misplays. he used that trap that doubles a Yang Zings defense when I didn't have enough attack to get over it, thus just inflicting a bit more damage on me, had you saved it you probably could have pro longed the duel a turn.

0/20 results of duel. 2-0 in favor of the tester.

2/10 control of duel, I was in control pretty much the entire time, the only reason I'm giving him any points is that he floated on Yang Zings game 1 for a few turns.

7/10 Main Deck Construction. I feel as if in a deck that loses this hard to floodgates, that in a floodgate format you should be maining at least 2 MST.

6/10 Extra Deck Construction. You run a lot of 2 of's I.e you only need one Beelze, I would suggest cutting the second one for a Spark Dragon or something of the sort.

2/10 Side Deck Construction. You only had 6 cards, and none of them counter the meta, consider siding some Fairy Winds, Mistake as you don't really add to hand, anything that really hurts the meta.

10/10 Sportsmanship. Seemed like a nice person, no qualms here.
5/10 Creativity of Deck. Standard Yang Zings.


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71-80 = Frozen Soul Blue
81-90 = Arcadian Hero
91-99 = Cosmic Champion
100 = Sun King

Congratulations and welcome to the academy!

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