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(Akatsuki)Ophion testing results

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(Akatsuki)Ophion testing results Empty (Akatsuki)Ophion testing results

Post  Sanji on Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:11 pm

Sanji vs (Akatsuki)Ophion
Hunders vs Fire Kings

Legend of test:
10/10 Knowledge of Cards.
10/10 Misplays(For every noticeable misplay -2, cannot go into negatives)
20/20 results of duel,( 0 wins=0pts, 1 win= 10 pts, 2 wins =20 pts)
10/10 control of duel(How hard did they make you work, if lose control -low score).
8/10 Main Deck Construction.
9/10 Extra Deck Construction.
9/10 Side Deck Construction.
10/10 Sportsmanship.
7/10 Creativity of Deck

Total 93/10
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