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Post  Guest on Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:21 pm

Forbidden Lance

For a long time now this card has been a staple in most Dino-Rabbit and Agent Decks now lets ask ourselves why? Both decks have lower attack monsters, if your opponent veilers say your tour guide or venus then you are left with a week monster on field so lance helps get around that. Lance is also helpful with cards like Evolzar Dolkka or Laggia it is a good way to play out of you opponents Dark Hole while still having a boss monster with a crippling effect on field. in the early parts of the September 2012 Format we have seen forbidden Lance become a staple in decks like Wind-Ups the card is starting to evolve in the meta players are finding new ways to abuse this card

Next time youre making a deck think if forbidden lance will work in that deck till next time guys

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