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Revival of Team Arcadia

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Revival of Team Arcadia Empty Revival of Team Arcadia

Post  Scyl on Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:43 pm


"I plan to resurrect Team Arcadia [TAO], and bring a new era into the History of the Arcadian Academy"

Tournament to see who will be eligible to join the Arcadian Academy's Dueling Team will begin in the month of April.

It's time to tweak your decks to perfection and show the competition who is the strongest Arcadian!


Revival of Team Arcadia 4LELrkG
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Revival of Team Arcadia Empty Re: Revival of Team Arcadia

Post  Seraphis on Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:49 pm

~Upon receiving the latest bulletin on his cellular device, he would shuffle his hands into his pockets and make his way back to his dorm room from the afternoon walk he had just recently completed~

(( To himself: ))"Sure hope I don't let my peers in Blazing Soul Red down... I need to become one with my deck, and perhaps even change a few things... I may have Yugi Muto's Dark Magician, and Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragon, but having cards and using them correctly are two totally different things..."


Revival of Team Arcadia Ac7mrt

"Persevere through to the end. Hold true to your fiery will, and never let go of your faith, for whom is a duelist who doesn't believe in the Heart of the Cards?"


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