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{Fusion} Sora's Testing Results

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{Fusion} Sora's Testing Results

Post  Scyl on Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:02 pm

Scyl vs {Fusion}Sora
Fleur vs Madochles

Legend of test:
10/10 Knowledge of Cards.
10/10 Misplays(For every noticeable misplay -2, cannot go into negatives)
20/20 results of duel,( 0 wins= 0pts, 1 win= 10 pts, 2 wins = 20 pts)
10/10 control of duel(How hard did they make you work, if lose control -low score).
10/10 Main Deck Construction.
9/10 Extra Deck Construction.
6/10 Side Deck Construction.
10/10 Sportsmanship.
10/10 Creativity of Deck

95. Welcome to Cosmic Champion.

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Test results of {Fusion} Sora

Post  {Fusion} Sora on Sun Mar 08, 2015 9:26 pm

I got marked down a few points in extra and side deck. What would you change out of curiousity?
My side is as follows:
2x DD Crow
2x Kycoo
1x mst
2x twister
2x iron wall
2x mirror force
2x shadow mirror
2x light mirror

My reasoning are as follows:
-D.D. Crow hits things like Shadoll Fusion, Deneb, Necloth Ritual spells, Dante's targets to get stuff to hand, Cir's stuff to Special summon, scattershots, and other things random things. Also, it is hootcake food. I can completely have full use of this card.
-Kycoo. Stops mirrors from getting banished. It stops Necloth Trishula eff. (They cannot banish out of my grave, they cannot banish anywhere.) It gets rid of scattershots, necloth monsters, and other random things.
-twister and mst: floodgate hate against Qliphort
-iron wall: stops dark law, helps against cloths when kycoo gets ran over.
-mirror force: Qliphort hate, necloth hate a bit.
-shadow and light mirrors: stop BA and Satella. Also helps against random rogues.

My Extra with reasonings is as follows:
Armory Arm - People side Flying C for Burning Abyss, and sometimes for me. Effect Veiler is my out.
Abyss Dweller - good card against necloth, BA, sometimes Dolls.
Castel - Incase I can't Tiaramisu
Cowboy - Otk Stuff
Excalibur - Run over Qliphort monsters.
2x Leviair - Cat Jelly play
2x Tiaramisu - Madolche kinda needs this
1x invoker - incase Leviair is not an option
1x Angineer - stall for turns, make tiaramisu safe, make tiaramisu plays with magileine over a turn.
1x ragna zero - rogues, sometimes also good for yosenju since they run tenki
nightmare shark - finishes games sometimes
heartlanddraco - same as nightmare shark
rhapsody - double dd crow, sets up hootcake, makes tiaramisu bigger, this card is great.

With these reasonings, what would you change and why? What would have gotten me a better score?

In side, I have considered fairy wind and spell shattering. Spell shattering doesn't get me anywhere, It usually burns only the scout, or the scout and the saqlifice. if it burns only scout, my experience tells me they always have another one. if it burns the saqlifice, they always get another one. fairy wind is bad since I need ticket and field spell. I have considered breakthrough skills, but I felt veiler and chalice was enough.

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